Hello world!

Welcome to the Happiness Agenda! 

You are reading my very first post.  This will be my place for sharing the challenge of surviving everyday life ~ with a smile on my face.  I’ll share my “wisdom”, my ideas, inspiration I’ve found along the way….any little thing I come across that brings a smile to my face and hopefully yours.  The entries here may get a little personal.  If you aren’t in the mood for hearing about me battling my own personal demons, than this might not be the place for you.   I do hope you find something here that is meaningful or helpful.  I’m not perfect and neither is life.  I hope what I share here on these virtual pages brings some clarity, humor, and happiness my way, and yoursbecause smiles are contagious.

This blog will be  my personal therapy session.   A place for free expression…hopefully with no icky judgements or shaming involved.  Wouldn’t it feel nice if we could all quit pretending we’re perfect people living perfect lives.  Let our hair down in front of each other.  Bare our souls.  Set our insecurities free.   I feel like I’ve been living somebody elses life.  I’m done with that now.  They can come get their stinkin’ life back!  I’m ready to live my own life, by my own rules.  I’m going to share the the tools and tricks I will be using to live an authentic life.  Hopefully the best, most rewarding life in me. 

In the days ahead you may find me pouring out all of my worries and insecurities.  Recording the everyday battles as they happen ~ in the hopes that I find my way through them with a smile on my face, because…


Welcome!  I hope you’ll join me again!


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