Fall Closing In

It’s 10 a.m. on Friday.

So far it’s a 3 Band-Aid kind of day.

3 five-year-olds and a 2 year-old play in the sunshine.

It’s the “off” day for kindergarten.

Warm sun lights up my face and crinkles my eyes.

I am a sun-worshipper by nature.  Unapologetic.

My sweater hangs forgotten on the fence.

The sidewalk chalk is long gone, although the smudges remain behind to prove it’s existence.   Someday soon the rain will wash these remnants away…let’s hope not too quickly.

Bubble blowing has taken over the scene.

The challenge ~ to catch a bubble on the end of your wand.

It’s called a “Sandy House” in case you’re not a Spongebob fan.  Lol.  It’s easy to imagine these sunny days going on forever.

2 cups of coffee and a multi-vitamin have left me feeling a-jitter physically, as well as mentally.

Fall is closing in ~ The days getting shorter.  The evenings cooler.  I’m reluctant to see summer slipping away…

How will we hold onto the sunny smiles and thoughts even as the long summer days become no more than a precious memory?

Here’s my list of things I can do to help stave off the winter doldrums:

  • Get outdoors as much as possible during  “sunlight” hours
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Take a Vitamin D supplement
  • Foster relationships with friends that have a positive influence on me
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly
  • Pursue wintertime leisure activities (IDK -scrapbooking or bowling, maybe?)
  • Avoid my tendency to “hibernate” during the short, dark winter months
  • Acknowledge and appreciate the many blessings in my life
  • Brighten up my spaces with cheerful décor and things that make me feel happy

What do you do to keep feeling sunny and positive in the darkest months of the year?  I would love to hear about your best ideas!


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